>1st international symposium was held that collaborated with Marine Biotechnology Conference 2019 as below. (2019.9.12)
    Yoshiko Okamura (Hiroshima University)
    David Kisailus (University of California, Riverside)
    Kenneth H. Nealson (University of Southern California) “Bacterial Formation and Dissolution of Insoluble Metal Complexes, and its Impact on the Global Cycling and Distribution of Iron and Manganese.”
    Sarah S. Staniland (University of Sheffield) “From Biomineralisation of Magnetosome to Biomimetic Magnetic Nanoparticles for Future Application”
    Yoriko Tominaga (Hiroshima University) “Crystallinity of biogenic compound semiconductors”

>2nd seminar of this research center was held with Assoc. Prof. Michio Suzuki from University of Tokyo. (2019.3.18)

>1st seminar of this research center was held with Prof. Osamu Ueda from Kanazawa Institute of Technology. (2019.3.6)

>Dr. Maki, one of main members of this research center, was promoted by the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University, as a senior assistant professor. Congratulations!! (2018.11.1)

>“Consolidated research for biogenic nanomaterials” were established as one of Promising Research Initiatives of Hiroshima University. (2018.5.22)